"Visions" autographed CD


"Visions" autographed CD


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Released in 2008

The personnel:

Tomoko Omura - violin
Victor Gould - piano, rhodes
Dan Carpel - bass
Jeffrey Fajardo - drums

All compositions by Tomoko Omura
Recorded on May 9th, 2008 at Mix One Studio, Boston, MA
Produced by Tomoko Omura
Recording by Ethan Platz
Mixing by Ted Paduck
Mastering by Randy Roos
Photo and art design by Rx Photography
CD Duplication by Wonderdrug


1. Enigmatic Vision (Tribute to Jean-Luc Ponty) 06:54

2. New World Order (Tribute to Didier Lockwood) 06:24

3. Stephane's Waltz (Tribute to Stephane Grappelli) 09:39

4. Zbigniew (Tribute to Zbigniew Seifert) 05:01

5. Mark's Passion (Tribute to Mark Feldman) 10:14

6. Stuffy (Tribute to Stuff Smith) 05:15

7. Italian Gem (Tribute to Joe Venuti) 08:14