Post Bop Gypsies

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Post bop gypsies was born...

around the time I was finishing the album "Roots". Though, the acoustic trio "String Bop Trio" led has been around for a few years before, I have been gathering the ideas ever since.

Vioiln, guitar and bass, this instrumentation is such a great format, but often times it's only associated with the Gypsy jazz style. I wanted to create something that had more of the American jazz spirit that I had been exposed to in seven years of living in New York City.

The album "Post Bop Gypsies" was recorded in December, 2016 and to be released on July 7th, 2017 from Inner Circle Music.


The Band:

Tomoko Omura (5-string violin)

Alex Goodman (guitar)

George DeLancey (bass)