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Tomoko Omura


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Oct 24th (Mon)

Aubrey Johnson Sextet At Zinc Bar
Aubrey Johnson - vocals, compositions/arrangements
Tomoko Omura - violin
Michael Sachs - woodwinds
Glenn Zaleski - piano
Matt Aronoff - bass
Jeremy Noller - drums
82 West 3rd Street, NYC

Oct 28th (Fri)

Tomoko Omura ROOTS quintet At Bonafide
Tomoko Omura - 5-string violin
Jeff Miles - guitar
Glenn Zaleski - piano
Yoshiki Yamada - bass
Jerad Lippi - drums
7:30pm (1 set)
212 East 52nd Street, NYC
Reserve: (646) 918-6189
Very much excited to play with Roots quintet!

Nov 19th (Sat)

Aubrey Johnson Sextet At Cornelia Street Cafe
Aubrey Johnson (voice)
Tomoko Omura (violin)
Michael Sachs (leads)
Chris Ziemba (piano)
Matt Aronoff (bass)
Jeremy Noller (drums)
29 Cornelia Street, NYC (212) 989-9319

Nov 22nd

Daniel Foose CD release celebration At Rockwood Music Hall stage 3
Daniel Foose - bass
Sebastian Noelle - guitar
Keita Ogawa - perc
Tomoko Omura - violin
Maria Im - violin
Allyson Clare - viola
Jennifer DeVore - cello
185 Orchard Street, NYC


Sep 22nd (Thur)

Duo with Tatsuya Sakurai At Olivier Bistro
Brooklyn, NY. 7-10pm

Sep 24th (Sat)

Aubrey Johnson Sextet At The Cell Theatre
Aubrey Johnson - vocals, compositions/arrangements
Tomoko Omura - violin
Michael Sachs - woodwinds
Chris Ziemba - piano
Matt Aronoff - bass
Jeremy Noller - drums

Sep 25th (Sun)

Renzo Vitale At Rockwood Music Hall stage 2
Italian composer, Renzo Vitale's composition
Renzo Vitale - piano, synth, live electronics
Tomoko Omura - violin
Leonor Falcon - violin
Karen Waltuch - viola
Anastasia Golenishcheva - cello
Yula Beeri - vocal

Sep 30th (Fri)

Fabian Almazan RHIZOME At Inspire Corps

Oct 4th (Tue)

Julien Hecq and Solar String Quartet "MAGMA" At The Triad
Julian Hecq - saxophone
Leonor Falcon - violin
Tomoko Omura - violin
Allyson Clare - viola
Brian Sanders - cello
Allison Grace - dance
Solar string quartet is also opening for the "MAGMA" set.
158 W 72nd St, NYC STAGE 72

Oct 9th (Sun)

Fabian Almazan RHIZOME At Saint Peters Church
Fabian Almazan - piano
Linda Oh - bass
EJ Strickland - drums
Camila Meza - voice/guitar
Megan Wheeler Gould - violin
Tomoko OMura - violin
Ben von Gutzeit - viola
Noah Hoffeld - cello
619 Lexington Ave, NYC


Tomoko Omura is among today's leading voices in jazz violin. “Roots", her debut album for Inner Circle, is a compelling tribute to her native Japan, featuring original arrangements of ten classic Japanese folk and popular songs. In the words of fellow violinist Christian Howes, “'Roots' is a tremendous accomplishment, and undoubtedly one of the most important and creative jazz albums produced by a violinist in recent history." Downbeat magazine calls Tomoko “a leader with a fine future" with 4 and half star. She is also chosen for one of “Rising star" on critisc poll, Downbeat Magazine in 2015.

Strongly informed by the jazz violin tradition, her 2008 self-released debut album, “Visions", is a collection of seven dynamic original pieces, each of which is dedicated to one of the greats of the instrument, from Stuff Smith to Zbigniew Seifert. Violinst Matt Glaser praises “Visions" as such: “Her playing here is uniformly amazing, with great ideas, great tone, perfect intonation and great feel...". “Mark's Passion", dedicated to Mark Feldman, was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2008 International Songwriting Competition. The release of “Visions" also prompted Strings Magazine to name Omura a “Rising Star" in 2009. In 2014, she was chosen as a finalist of the 1st International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition in Krakow, Poland.

Originally from Shizuoka, Japan, she began studying the violin at a young age with her mother, and began
playing jazz music while studying at Yokohama National University. In 2004, Tomoko relocated to the United States when she was awarded a scholarship to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. While at Berklee, Tomoko worked with such legendary musicians as George Garzone, Hal Crook, Ed Tomassi, Jamey Haddad, Matt Glaser and Rob Thomas. In 2005, during her sophomore year, she was awarded Berklee's prestigious Roy Haynes award; an award given to one student for their exceptional improvisational skills. Tomoko was the first violinist in Berklee's history to receive this award. She graduated summa cum laude in 2007.

Since moving to NY in 2010, Tomoko has performed with a wide range of musicians including; Fabian Almazan, Vadim Neselovskyi, Paquito D'Rivera, The Mahavishnu Project, Aubrey Johnson, Tammy Scheffer, and Simon Yu's Exotic Experiment, Miho Hazama, Mario Castro, Joanna Wallfisch. She is featured on Almazan's Blue Note/ArtistShare debut recording, “The Rhizome Project". She has previously been a full time member of world music band, The Guy Mendilow Ensemble, Celtic music band, RUNA and the vintage jazz band, Carte Blanche.